Tax Returns

Self assessment tax returns have to be completed if HMRC make a request, or if you have something to declare.  In both instances, your tax return must be submitted by the end of January to avoid an automatic £100 penalty.

The most common situations which give rise to a self assessment tax return are:

  • If you are self employed
  • If you are a director
  • If you receive rental income
  • If you have capital gains to declare
  • If you require a refund of tax

The Curtis Partnership will complete your tax return as early as is possible.  If you are self employed, this will be at the same time as your accounts are prepared; if you are a director or if you have other sources of income, your tax return will be completed as soon as we have the necessary information.

In all cases, we will contact you to ask for missing information and when your tax return is ready for your signature, you will be advised/reminded of its full contents and be given an exact calculation of any tax due to be paid.

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