For many businesses, whether sole traders or limited companies, one of the main results of having accounts prepared is that the tax liability can be calculated.  We think that having maximum notice of the tax liability will reduce one of the business headaches and to have tax returns completed and submitted on time, to have discussed the tax charge with you months before it is due for payment, and to provide you with the paperwork and reminders to pay will mean that you will not incur any penalties.

Penalties are now a prominent part of HMRC’s legislation and practice.  Both late returns and late payments attract penalties but at The Curtis Partnership we ensure that this is something you will never experience!

We can help with tax planning in the form of annual reviews to take into account not only changes to your business, but also changes in tax legislation.

Your business may have several tax requirements – PAYE and CIS, self assessment, VAT, Corporation Tax – we can deal with all of these for you.

Corporation tax is the tax paid by companies and it is paid once a year.  Therefore to have sufficient notice to enable you to budget will be important.  HMRC have recently increased the number of investigations they undertake.  You will have great peace of mind and confidence knowing that your accounts have been prepared in accordance with accounting standards and that any enquiry into your business will not be a concern.

We have a detailed knowledge and vast experience of dealing with company tax to make sure you do not pay more than you need to, and if there were to be an enquiry at any time, we can liaise with HMRC on your behalf and answer all their queries and questions for you.

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